Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas Eve started out with more picture this time ;)

I finished up the wrapping and did a little shopping.  I found a San Diego Then & Now book at Costco that I really liked and ended up going back to buy two for Ricky, one for Uncle Bill, and one for Bruce.

We then went over to my mom's for a non-traditional pizza dinner and were supposed to go look at Christmas lights at Christmas Card lane.  The boys opted out of the lights since we had just been (in my birthday LIMO)  the week it was 50 degrees and as native San Diegans...we're all WiMpS!!

Here we are in front of Grammie and Granddad's tree.

Grammie and Grandad did the whole box in a box in a box thing to make Connor really work for his gift.

I think he thought the end result was worth it! ;)

Connor, Grammie, and Grandad...Connor is almost as tall as Grammie.

Here is Connor playing with baby cousin Maggie...She was happy and laughing the whole night.

We went home and Connor had to play his new video game...Need for Speed~Most Wanted... immediately .  He played on the big TV and Sanford and I watched White Christmas downstairs.

After the movie, I made overnight Eggnog French Toast casserole so that breakfast in the morning would be easy.  I used the Two Peas and their Pod recipe that I've been recommending to's delicious and crazy easy!  I think it may be our new family tradition since we all really like it.

I sent Connor to bed at 10:00 so SC could come fill the stockings.

It was yet another relaxing and enjoyable day...the kind that makes you wish you would win the lottery so that every day could be spent the same way.

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